From The President:
Bill Roth, Bill Roth Plastering, Inc.
2014 SFAHBA President

Bill Roth--new head shot

I am delighted to serve as this year’s president of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association (SFAHBA). It’s a real honor to be able to help shape the agenda and set goals for one of the most progressive and proactive home building associations in the country.

SFAHBA is proud to serve as an active and contributing member of our community. We’ve been busy this past year, leading the community in green building by helping draft Santa Fe’s green building codes and advocating for trades-based education in the schools. We’ve also lobbied for sustainable building tax credits and initiated an outreach to our Spanish-speaking members and nonmembers. In short, SFAHBA continues to set high standards for builders, subcontractors, and suppliers in the 21st century—both in New Mexico and around the country.

Membership in SFAHBA offers a variety of advantages. Probably the best known is workers’ compensation insurance through Builders Trust of New Mexico. But that benefit is only the tip of the iceberg. The networking available through participation in the many activities we promote can be a real boost to your business—and bottom line! SFAHBA’s educational programs, lunch presentations, and mixers will keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing, ever-advancing world of construction here and around the United States.

Our two major events of the year—The Santa Fe Home Show and Haciendas–A Parade of Homes—are fantastic opportunities to meet some of the finest builders, subcontractors, and industry suppliers in our area. For anyone out there just “kicking the tires” or ready to commit to a home building or improvement project, SFAHBA and its members can help turn homeowners’ dreams into realities.

Bill Roth

Bill Roth Plastering Inc., General Contractors